About Us

Our Mission:
Our mission at GreenBucks Dollar Discount Store is to offer our Customers a wide selection of quality products at competitive pricing, in a comfortable and enjoyable shopping environment, along with friendly, helpful service.
About Us:
GreeenBucks Dollar Discount Store is a family owned Canadian business. For many years Matt De Jong owned the Pizza Delight at the other end of the mall.  Wanting to spend more time with his growing family Matt opened up the GreenBucks Dollar Discount Store with help from his family.   With a new dedicated staff Matt strove for excellence both in customer service and products available for the community.  As years have gone by the mission has remained the same; to bring quality products to the marketplace, at great prices, with friendly and helpful service. We try to keep it simple.
Dollars & Cents offers many different products that consumers need and want in their everyday lives, at reasonable prices, with outstanding service. Although we stock thousands of typical “dollar-store-type” items at $1.25 or less, we don’t limit our product selection based on price-point alone.  We don’t want to be another dollar store.  Instead, we strive to offer much, much more … from custom Helium Balloon bouquets to Childrens Gifts, Wedding and Craft Supplies and Houseware items that we all need! We carry brand named goods which you recognize & trust, while stocking other value brands which will save you money, without compromising quality. You might be surprised at what you’ll find in our stores!
When shopping at our retail locations, our main store or our seasonal store, right next door, you can expect to be greeted with a smile, then feel comfortable shopping in well-lit, clean and well merchandised retail spaces. Our friendly staff will gladly help you find products, then work efficiently and carefully to complete your transaction at our check-outs. We’ve always accepted various forms of payment for your convenience, including: Cash, Debit, Visa and Mastercard.

Matt Dejong with family and friends who make the  GreenBuck$ Dollar Discount Store a friendly happy place to visit, work and shop.

Our company motto is: “Value – Selection – Service”.  Our pursuit to excel at these simple business goals, along with a great team of floor staff and managers working together, have made our retail store one of the top small business in our community.